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  • Horn comb

    KimSonCraft made combs from genuine organic material:

    • Water buffalo horn, cattel horn.
    • Hard wood.

    Why do you use handmade and organic material comb? Here is some our customer testimonial:

    I also have a wooden one from Body Shop, but I much prefer the horn. My reasons:

    -slip: horn is composed of keratin (like your hair) so it slips through really easily, especially if yours is well-made and smooth like mine.

    -oil distribution: I do a light oiling after every wash and use my horn comb to distribute the oil through my wet hair. I wouldn't use a wooden comb in wet hair but I've had my horn comb for maybe a year and a half, consistently using it in wet hair with no problems.

    -gentle: Being that the comb slips through the hair so easily, there's a lot less damage from snagging/catching. 

    -no static: For whatever reason, my hair doesn't get staticy when I use the horn comb.

    As for it breaking, the comb I have is very sturdy. Plus, I always comb my hair in my bedroom which is carpeted anyway so drops/chipping/breaking aren't an issue. If something were to happen to it, I wouldn't think twice about buying the same exact one again as it's lasted me this long with no problems.

    You could submit your comment to us after you use our natural comb with your longest hair. We are always listen the customer feedback.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 293 items